Whether it's a law limiting the number of sex toys you can own in Texas or one banning the sale of blueberries in baskets larger than six quarts in Massachusetts, bizarre laws have always fascinated people. 

Why are we so fascinated by absurd and pointless laws? 

Maybe it's because they defy common sense. Laws are supposed to be rational and logical. They exist to provide structure and standards that keep society in check.  

It makes sense that we'd be momentarily distracted or intrigued by a law banning people 88 and over from riding motorcycles in Idaho Falls. Just questioning the motives behind a law like that and the sanity of the officials who approved it is fun. 

Oddball laws shine a light on a state's quirky ways.  

In Vermont, the ban on whistling underwater was put on the books to prevent people from scaring away fish. Sounds silly, right? But in a way, a whacky law like this actually points out Vermont's commitment to conservation. No one puts fishy in a corner on Vermont's watch. 

Strange & silly legislation reminds us how powerful the government is.

He may be an unhinged goofball who spends our hard-earned money like a drunken frat boy, but Big Brother's still in charge.

All joking aside, spotlighting the absurdity of specific state and federal laws is a great reminder to question and challenge authority. And from the looks of it, Montana is a great state to start in. 

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