When it comes to being a parent in the Treasure Valley, finding stuff to do for a high-energy toddler isn't always easy. While we are well-known for our unique outdoor spaces, keeping kids under five engaged with age-appropriate fun can be challenging, especially when it's cold, raining, snowing, or doing something in between.

With the growth of the Treasure Valley, more kid fun should have found its way to town, but it just hasn't yet, and these kids need places to run, jump, climb, and do it safely. The person who can build the ultimate indoor playground could seriously make a fortune.

As a parent of a rambunctious three-year-old, the search is on for the perfect place to take a toddler that can positively channel their energy while providing fun in a safe environment.

We have plenty of places to take kids on a beautiful, sunny day. We have ZooBoise, one of the fantastic parks with great playground equipment, JUMP, and the beach at Lucky Peak, just to name a few. But what about now? What about those days when the sun isn't shining, the swingset is wet from last night's snowstorm, and you can see the runny nose just by looking out the window?

Fortunately, over the past year, I've found a few good places that my three-year-old enjoys, and I know that after a visit, I'm not going to get much of a fuss at bedtime. If you know of any places we can add to this list, please message us, and we'll add them.

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