If you believed it when DD's said America runs on Duncan, you were probably talking during Civics class in high school.

No judgement here, we were, too, and donuts are life in these parts. All the same, it's probably time you got with the program on how a few things work in the land of the fried pastry.


In reality, a free-thinking republic relies upon donuts AND the Rule of Law. As stated on the UnitedStatesCourts.gov website, the Rule of Law is a

principle under which all persons, institutions, and entities are accountable to laws that are publicly promulgated, equally enforced, independently adjudicated, and consistent with international human rights principles.

To keep the donut-loving U.S. of A. running, our senators and members of the House of Representatives follow an eight-step process to transform even the whackiest of ideas into laws.

If you're in Utah, for example, you could drum up an idea like, "snowball-throwing should be outlawed."

8 Steps to Turning a Sane/Crazy Idea into a Legitimate Law

  1. Using your fanciest verbiage, draft a bill formally outlining why snowball-throwing should be illegal.
  2. Debate the very serious issue of snowball-throwing in a committee.
  3. Debate the very serious snowball issue even more on the Senate floor.
  4. Work with House colleagues to agree with your hatred for snowball fights and fun.
  5. Negotiate any snowballsy compromises to be made.
  6. Send your very important bill outlawing snowball fights to the President/Leader of the Free World because he obviously has time for such matters.
  7. Reauthorization...which we're too busy dunkin' donuts to summarize, but feel free to read up on it here.

And just like that, throwing snowballs in Utah is 100% illegal!

For an even simpler explanation of how a bill turns into a law, we invite you to kick it old-school with Schoolhouse Rock below!

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