We always hear about the importance of washing our hands, but this experiment may have you scrubbing more frequently and thoroughly. 

In the experiment, teacher Dayna Robertson of Idaho Falls used 5 pieces of bread. One-piece was rubbed on laptops in the classroom. Another piece of bread was passed around to students with dirty hands, another piece of bread was handled by kids who had used hand sanitizer, another was handled by kids who had washed their hands with soap and water, and the last piece of bread was stored untouched. The results were shocking!

After a few weeks, the piece of bread that had not been handled at all and the piece of bread that was touched by the kids with clean hands remained mold-free. However, mold still grew on the piece of bread handled by kids who had used hand-sanitizer, the one that was handled by kids with dirty hands grew more mold, and the piece of bread rubbed on laptops turned black!

Robertson says the experiment has certainly encouraged the kids in her classroom to wash their hands more frequently and to keep kids clean. The post about the experiment has already had over 64,000 shares.

Click this link to see the pieces of bread!

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