Maybe you've Googled your own name, or a few hard-to-find Pokemon characters more often than you've looked up a celebrity online.  That might be a good thing.

But if curiosity about Gary Busey or Vanna White's birthday gets the best of you and then next thing you know you're Googling, you're not alone.  There's one name that comes up more than any other in Idaho, and I bet you'll never guess what it is.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, anyone?  He's probably best known for Home Improvement. (He was the cute one.)  And if you Google him like much of Idaho apparently does, you'll find out he'll turn 35 on September 8th, and he's 5'5", along with various other essential tidbits that we'd lose sleep over if we didn't have the interweb.  He's the most-frequently Googled D-List celebrity in Idaho.

Estately mapped the D-Listers by state using Google Trends to figure this out. Montana Googles Darryl Hannah more than any other state does.  Oregon is hooked on Daniel Baldwin, and Nevada goes for Andrew Dice Clay.

At least by Googling random celebrities, we give the web a break from asking about potential measles symptoms, HBO plot-spoilers, NFL schedules, and how many calories there are in an avocado.  Wait a minute.  Those things sound a lot more productive.

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