Self-checkouts have become a regular fixture in nearly every American retail store. Perfect for shoppers wanting to avoid the inconvenience of long lines and simply scan items independently, self-checkouts are seen as a token of freedom for the anti-social crowd.

But recent developments pose a new question. With many Dollar General stores across the nation reconsidering the use self-checkouts, will Idaho Dollar General stores follow suit?

Dollar General Rethinks Self-Checkout Strategy

Dollar General is the latest retail giant to rethink their self-checkout strategy.

In 2022, the company expanded self-checkout stations across 19,000 stores in hopes it would provide convenience and cut back on labor costs. But the retailer is now investing an extra $50 million into labor by the end of the year, bringing their 2023 investments to $150 million.

On its face, Dollar General’s initial investment in self-checkout appeared to be a logical move. The company wanted to offer convenience to its customers and cut labor costs. But the downside was the loss of inventory or “shrink.”

When items aren't scanned correctly, or shoppers accidentally overlook items in their cart, it can lead to a significant loss for the store.

That's why the company is investing more in labor and may scale back its self-checkout strategy. In short, this means Idahoans will probably see more employees overseeing self-checkout transactions at the beloved discount outlet.

Will Idaho's Dollar General stores get rid of self-checkout altogether?

For now, Dollar General's use of self-checkout in Idaho is under reviewThe bargain store is looking at alternative ways to enhance convenience for customers, reduce shrink, and keep everyone happy.

While self-checkout may have some advantages, the potential for inventory loss raises concerns. Ultimately, Dollar General's decision regarding self-checkout will depend on various factors, including customer preferences and the costs of implementation.

Yesterday we contacted Dollar General in Weiser and Council to inquire about their stores' self-checkout status. Managers at both locations confirmed they will continue the use of self-checkout until further notice.

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