It's sad when man's best friend turns into a divorce dilemma, isn't it?

In 2022, Hello Prenup revealed 87 million American households are home to pets. A whopping 95% of those pet owners consider their pets family. But what happens to the fur babes when one of those 87 million households are headed for divorce?

Idaho lawmakers couldn't care less about how much we love and deserve our pets. More often than not, pets often become pawns when a relationship falls apart.

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Deciphering Canine Custody in Idaho

According to Idaho statute 25-2807, pets are basically property. Under Idaho's community property laws, spouses typically face a 50-50 division of assets.

Dogs are property; and when the value of any dog is material in any civil or criminal proceeding in this state, the same may be established under the usual rules of evidence relating to the values of personal property.


So...who gets the pets?!

Obviously, no one's splitting a dog, so what options do you have? Consider a scenario where one spouse payed for the dog's adoption and veterinary care, while the other served as his or her primary caregiver.

Arguments can be made from both sides: one emphasizing financial contribution, the other emphasizing care and attention. In cases where both spouses jointly contributed to the pet's adoption and upkeep, determining rightful ownership can become even more convoluted.

Ultimately, the task of assigning pet custody in Idaho falls to the presiding judge, who weighs various factors, including financial investment and caregiving responsibilities. The responses of each spouse play a pivotal role in the custody determination.

In short, while our pets hold a special place in our hearts, Idaho law sees them as possessions to divvy up. Whether you're married or dating, there's never a bad time to protect yourself and your fur kids.

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