Is There a Demand for a Digital Driver's License?

In 2023, fewer and fewer Americans are leaving the house without their trusted smartphone at their side. This is especially true of millennials.

More than most, the mobile-first generation seeks opportunities to incorporate technology into their everyday lives. And according to Thales, a digital defense and innovation company, millennials have "come to expect the same level of innovation from their DMV."

What is a Digital Driver's License?

Like cash and keys, a digital driver's license is the secure version of the physical driver's license people store on their smartphone. It's not a replacement for the actual card, it's a supplement for it.

What Makes a Digital Driver's License Safe?

Tech-obsessed millennials or not, we need to know if DDL's are safe. Much to our relief, Thales reports there are multiple layers of security involved in protecting a DDL.

A digital driver's license provides the highest level of security in credential storage, data transmission, and verification, and is much harder to alter or duplicate than a typical physical document. On the smartphone, the digital credential is protected by additional layers of security, such as a PIN or fingerprint. —Thales

Wondering what would happen if you lost your phone? Take a deep breath. All's not lost for the DDL carrier who loses their cell phone. If that were to happen, it's as simple as remotely deactivating the smartphone. 

Will Idaho Adopt Digital Driver's Licenses? 

In short, yes. Idaho, along with Colorado, Maryland, Washington DC, and Wyoming, are currently participating in a pilot program to secure DDL's for their residents. The first-of-its-kind collaboration will involve stakeholders such as law enforcement, TSA, banking institutions, and retailers.

For more information on what to expect with a DDL or why you might want one, click here!

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