Idaho Potato

What is Idaho’s Favorite Way to Eat Potatoes?
Idaho and potatoes go hand in hand. Idaho brings in about $1 Billion per year through farming and agriculture around potatoes alone. Some of the ways Idahoans celebrate potatoes and how the gem state and other west coast states prefer to eat them.
Say the word Idaho to people outside the state and the first thing that usually comes to peoples mind is Potatoes. For many inside the state we have worked to let people know that it's not just potatoes. While we may try to run from our famous Idaho Potatoes in this case we can embrace it on a very large scale.
Idaho's Biggest Food Innovation
Thrillist put together a list of the most important food innovations from each state.  And they did a pretty good job, because a lot of these are going to be pretty hard to argue with, unless you are North Dakota . Idaho's most innovative food is not too surprising,  but I would argue and say it was the Finger Steak.