What's the Difference Between Bugs & Insects?

In case you didn't know, bugs and insects aren't one and the same. People tend to use the two words interchangeably despite the fact that not all bugs are insects and not all insects are bugs. As if that's not confusing enough, only certain insects are classified as "true bugs."

So what's the difference? According to the critter experts over at Arizona State University, "the primary difference between true bugs and other insects [are] their mouthparts."

True bugs such as cicadas and water bugs have straw-like mouths that allow them to suck up liquids. Mature bugs are also winged, six-legged creatures with three body sections: a head, a thorax, and an abdomen. Not that anyone is examining bug and insect mouths in their down time, but it's a cool fact to hang on to.

"Dude" Our Bold Jumper Spider

A few years ago, a bold jumper spider found its way inside our home and hearts. We named the fuzzy little black and white-striped spider, Dude.

Photo Credit: Missouri Dept. of Conservation
Photo Credit: Missouri Dept. of Conservation

Dude was awesome! During the two months he bunked with us in our home in Star, he kept mine and my daughter's rooms critter-free. Every few days or so, we'd find him on guard duty in a different window sill.

Despite his small build, Dude was like a night in fuzzy armor. Imagine if we had evicted him from our home, or worse. We would've missed out on a critter-free summer and one of the coolest house spiders ever!

Whether you find bugs, insects, or both colonizing around your place, it's worth knowing the many benefits either have to offer!

Check out our gallery of helpful and handy critters below.

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