As I am still discovering fun new things in Idaho it was amazing to find out there are amazing zip lines within just 45 minutes of Boise. I was looking at and saw an article about a Zip Line Tour over one of the most breathtaking places in Idaho, so now I have to check it out.

In the small town of Horseshoe Bend there is a company called Zip Idaho and they have created a unique eco-adventure that has huge zip lines of up to 2000 feet. Having gone on many zip lines throughout Mexico, this looks like so much fun plus the price on their website is cheaper than what I paid in Mexico.

Hopefully soon life will slow down enough that I can take the quick trip up to check out these zip lines. If you're planning on taking a trip soon, be brave, as you'll reach speeds of around 50 mph. One thing I have realized, life goes fast, so jump on the zip line and enjoy!

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