Idaho was a President's Day trendsetter. We were one of a handful of states who decided to call it President's Day.

According to Lauren Himiak of, the holiday we now know as President's Day was originally two days in February to honor President Washington and President Lincoln's birthdays. The holidays were close together which could be the reason Congress rolled them into one holiday Monday in 1968.

The dilemma this condensed holiday created was what to name this Washington/Lincoln day. The name President's Day was thrown around, but many didn't like it because they believed all Presidents were not worthy of being celebrated.

Maybe our Idaho representatives at the time thought all Presidents should be honored, maybe they just couldn't come up with a better name, or perhaps they wanted to save businesses the hassle of a long name for their weekend sales. Whatever it was, Idaho and a few other states made the official name President's Day. Evidently, it caught on!