You know that saying "There are no stupid questions"? Ever think it should be followed by "just stupid people"? When I was in high school I asked my boyfriend if Chevy and Chevrolet were the same thing. The knee jerk facial expression of surprise/disgust on his face at me saying something so profoundly stupid is one I will never forget. As soon as the word left my mouth I knew the answer to my question and sometimes that's all it is. You just have to say something aloud for it to click in your brain.

The advent of social media has been lovely because it's made me realize there are plenty of dummies just like me. And the genre of "I was today years old when..." showcases all the things we never realized until we said them aloud and gave them just a slight bit more thought. For example, ever wonder why eggplants are called eggplants? The white variety (the first type to be brought to North America) look like big ol' eggs. And the name stuck. How about that they call it "footage" because motion picture film is measured in feet? Some slight critical thinking and a Google search works wonders.

Today a Twitter user (@lizzicochrane) confessed that she only just now realized that Ore-Ida stands for Oregon + Idaho and poked fun at herself for being 57 years old when making this realization. Well thanks for the PSA, lady, because I also didn't know that! Had someone asked me aloud to break it down though, I bet I could have figured it out! Perhaps more embarrassingly all I would have to do is look at the packaging. The logo literally says "Oregon & Idaho" in smaller lettering under the name. But how often is anyone examining logos?

Essentially what I'm saying is that I feel just as dumb as I did when I wondered aloud if Chevy and Chevrolet were the same thing. Am I the only one besides my girl Lizzi who didn't know this? Is my residency going to be revoked?



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