I have had two friends visit me for a fun Idaho weekend the last few months, and each time we ended up sitting at a (socially distanced) table at Humpin Hannah's enjoying all of the alcohol and incredible music complete with video accompaniment. They were nights to remember and I'm hard pressed to think of anywhere in Boise where I've had that much fun.

The pandemic has obviously taken a toll on establishments like Hannah's. Limited hours, less capacity, wearing of masks, no dance floors. And I totally get that. Flatten the curve, drop those Covid-19 numbers. So it's quite impressive that Humpin Hannah's is still delivering a top tier good time.

When I went in December, the entire place was outfitted in excess with Christmas decorations. The icon herself, Rocci Johnson, was in sexy holiday festive attire and blessed my party with adult pleasure toys. Such a gift of a good time for a girl born and raised in Sin City.

It wasn't until this past weekend, however, that I noticed the most glorious part of the venue. With all the Christmas decorations gone (and having been more sober upon this entrance) I saw the ceiling adorned with hanging bras of all sizes, shapes, and colors! My guests were both shocked and amused, while I decided I want my bra to join the collection.

I'm not sure what I have to do to make this happen. I'll have to stop in and have a chat with management. If it doesn't work, I'll stay for the drink specials. $2 PBRs and $1 shots are impossible to resist.

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