I'm usually pretty good about the latest viral video sensations here on The Mix Morning Show. We've done the Blowing Cups Challenge, Chicken Scream, and a few more but this one got me. Like I didn't even see this one coming. 

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While the show is on air from 5:30 to 10:00 AM Mike and Nicole usually will spend a good amount of time preparing for the upcoming day and planning for the next show. The Today Show on NBC is one of our faves to keep on in the background while we prep. This sweet funny and shocking video popped up and haha haha funny the both of them thought let's pull a joke on JD. If you haven't seen the video it's below here....

Funny right? I love this couple though. You can just tell the love and laughter the two of them have in their relationship. I love both my wife Nicole and Mike. And I will admit it I got fooled big time. Chuck it up, Nicole sold the trick.

So if anything goes south with this radio game she can always take on some extra shifts at any local magic shops right lol. This one totally got me and kudos to Mike as well for playing along and the stellar camera work. We'd love to see your pranks you have pulled on your siblings, significant others or friends. Comment below and add the link in the text. We love to have a good time on the Mix Morning Show. Thanks for letting us be silly with you each morning. - JD

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