I was talking with a friend of mine about the things I need to get a great sleep.  Good mattress, room temperature in the right spot, and of course, I need white noise from a fan.

Don't you?  It's just me?

He looked at me like I was nuts, but for me, perhaps the most important element of my good night sleep is having my fan (or some white noise) in the background.  I've noticed it helps me fall asleep better, and from what I can tell, I make it through the night better too.

Now, there are exceptions to this rule.  I don't think I sleep better with the TV on in the background (though I know people who say that works for them) or the radio.  I mute my phone so I don't hear text, email, or app alerts, though I do use the alarm clock feature.

The big thing for me is the quite hum of a fan - it just helps.

So, am I crazy?  Or does this make sense for you?  What's your favorite sleep aid?

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