Nothing like hurting yourself in the middle of a big event. I thought I was cool and in the end I just found out I am old.

Billy and I were walking around the Healthy Living Expo and we stopped by Camp Rhino and thought I'd show Billy how I can jump boxes. Well I had just bought sweet new shoes and they are slick bottoms. Well I made the box just fine but then my shoes slipped out form in front of me. Well I fell hard and right on my tailbone. I mean I thought I wouldn't be able to get up but I did and mainly cause everyone in the area was watching me. He thought I was either going to cry or have to take me to the hospital.

I am in some pain today let me tell you what, and I slept in a pool of icy hot. Any advice? I am pretty sure this is one of those just let heal things. I did ice it last night too.

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