A chance to head to space on Elon Musk's SpaceX and to help St. Jude's all in one shot. Are you in?

Earlier today, it was announced that SpaceX would be having it's first 'all-civilan' mission to space. Now, according to the New York Times, there are four seats in the SpaceX Dragon Capsules. These will mostly be paid for by filthy rich civilians who will cough up about $55 MILLION each. But even if you don't have that kind of loot, you might still be able to go.

A billionaire by the name of Jared Isaacman (he's 37, by the way... Feel inadequate? I do...) has charted his own SpaceX flight and given two of those seats to St. Judes Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, and plans to raffle off one of the other seats, in an effort to raise more money for the organization. So, while you don't have to make a donation to get into the raffle, each dollar you DO donate, buys you ten entrees, up to ten thousand dollars. Here's the site where you can go and get yourself in the running to win.

I can't donate ten thousand dollars to get a bunch of raffle tickets but I'll make a small donation because I know it'll benefit a great organization and in the unlikely chance that I won, it would be a once in a lifetime experience that no reasonable human would dare pass up. I think I'd enjoy it up in space for a few days, once I got over my ridiculous fear of heights, that is.

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