Prior to moving into our home in "new" Nampa, Savannah and I had never had automatic sprinklers at any home we had even grown up in. The reason I say "new" Nampa is because I learned over this past weekend where I live used to not even be counted as Nampa until recently. Regardless, I love our new home and where we live, that was until I woke up on Sunday morning.

After I got out of bed I went downstairs to let our dogs out just like any other weekend morning. After just a very short amount of time I noticed Koda was already back inside and he was soaking wet. Things finally clicked and I realized our automatic sprinklers never turned off like they should have at around 4 a.m. so our sprinkler-heads had been spraying water for multiple hours due to a failure of some kind.

I am not nor have I even been very talented with home improvement projects, I often attempt to fix things and end up making them worse. But I had to do something to get the water turned off. On the side of my house there are two irrigation boxes that are underground, neither of those helped turn off the water. After two-minutes that felt like 2 hours I realized there was another irrigation box closer to the problem, that is where I found a nozzle and finally got the water shut off.

I have found out many times that somethings you just leave up to the professionals, and I believe the sprinklers will be one of those projects. Because I can only assume this problem will happen again, although I really have no idea. Yesterday was just another fun reminder in the joys of home-ownership!

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