Last weekend I was walking downtown Nampa and all of a sudden I was walking on a sidewalk with construction equipment laid across it. My wife Savannah and I were in the middle of conversation so I didn't pay attention to it as we were on a mission to get Stella's Ice Cream. Although if I was paying attention I would have noticed that the building being worked on was The Pix Theatre a piece of Nampa history.

More details about what is going on were published by KIVI, but I was really happy to hear that a group of volunteers got together this week to pain the exterior of the building. Downtown Nampa is continuing to grow and people are working harder to keep it looking nice. As a resident it's so nice to see people care about our community.

The non-profit who is working to get the theatre back open within the next two years say it cannot happen without community donors. If you would like to assist in the project you're encouraged to Debbie Lasher-Hardy at

In the coming years the plan is for The Pix to transform it into a dinner theater with live performances and showings of classical movies. We will keep you in the know as the progress continues.

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