Idaho may be known as the Gem State but there’s no question that it also has its fair share of treasures. As a matter of fact, there are entire communities in Idaho specifically focused on locating the lost treasures of Idaho. One particular treasure hidden in Idaho is rumored to contain over half a million in treasure hidden that belonged to none other than Henry Plummer. Plummer was not only a sheriff but also the “secret leader” of the “Road Agent Gang” according to Unsolved Mysteries.

According to Unsolved Mysteries, one incident involved the gang murdering around 120 miners before stealing around $6 million in gold. There’s no doubt that the gang likely committed several robberies of similar magnitude and there’s no telling as to how much gold they actually stole during their run. According to, near the town of Spencer in Clark County in Idaho, there is an alleged $575,000 in gold bullion that is known as the “Plummer Gang Lost Treasure.”

What makes this treasure interesting is that it is rumored to be hidden behind a waterfall in an Idaho cave somewhere near the Snake River. While there are rumors the treasure was stolen or found since then, there has been no confirmation or evidence of it ever being located. Here is something to keep in mind and this is something I learned when sharing the wonderful hobby of metal-detecting with you: know who owns the land where you’re hunting for treasure.

There are various laws on finding treasure in Idaho and ultimately, you want to make sure that the land you’re hunting for treasure on is not private property. You can check out other laws on finding treasure and metal detecting in Idaho here. So, do you think over half a million dollars in treasure is sitting in an Idaho cave waiting to be found? Let’s get to hunting!

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