The Gem State or the Germ State? 

Gaining statewide attention from the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention is a rise in Recreational Water Illnesses.


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Quite simply, Recreational Water Illnesses, or RWI's for short, are sicknesses we contract in bodies of water.

If you're suffering from nausea, vomiting, cramping, and diarrhea shortly following your time in recreational waters, direct your withering stares and glares at the genius who went swimming with diarrhea.


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So how do you protect yourself and children from swimming in pools of diarrhea?

Honestly, strategic avoidance tactics are usually our favorite go-to's. We highly recommend getting an above-ground swimming pool for you and the kiddos to enjoy! These days, AGP's are increasingly affordable and made easy to maintain. 

Intrigued but not sold?

We get it. In addition to the protective health measure we just suggested, here are five more reasons to get your own swimming pool this summer!


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4 MORE REASONS TO GET AN ABOVE-GROUND POOL...(if swimming in diarrhea-water wasn't reason enough)

ONE || Swimming is an amazing form of zero-impact exercise. If you're someone who suffers from orthopedic injuries, swimming is your go-to activity.

TWO || Having a pool at home keeps the kiddos movin' and groovin' and off the screens. We're not what you'd call anti-screen time parents, but we take the benefits of childhood fitness pretty seriously.

THREE || Backyard pools are money savers! Contrary to popular belief, AGP's save families money by reducing the likelihood you'll dine out or spend frivolously. Admission costs, meals, entertainment, and fun are found right at home when your pool is your yard!

FOUR || Owning your own pool is a fantastic way to prioritize and protect the time you spend with your family free from company and the others. Will the kids drive you nuts-o sometimes? Oh, for sure. But at least they're your kids and not someone else's annoying offspring (**said with a wink and a smile**).

That's all, friend. We've led you to cleaner water and now it's up to you to take the next step!

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