Amazeballs.  What in the heck is that anyway?  Who started it?  It's on the list of words we should stop saying at work. Good!

What else?

I'm an over-user of the word awesome, I'll admit it.  The experts say we need to quit saying "awesome" so much because it makes us look not as smart as those who don't use it.  Really?  Dumber than the amazeballs users?  Okay, I'll own it.  Actually, any of the same words used over and over might show  a lack of creativity.  Okay, okay.

Other things we should stop saying at work, according to the online article, are:  "I killed that," "It's not my job," and "Sorry, but...."

Starting a sentence with an apology is a big no-no it appears because it shows a lack of confidence.  And deflecting responsibility makes us not team players, and any references to kill, war, and battle can be offensive, according to the article.  Or maybe just silly, because we're not actually in physical combat when we're filing papers and answering emails.

Oh, and one last phrase we're supposed to drop; "I'm too busy."  Because everyone is too busy and nobody wants to hear it.  Agreed.

Overall the advice is to pay more attention to our words and be more deliberate with them if we want to been seen as more credible and intelligent, and not to let multi-tasking get in the way of our focus on effective communication.  Awesome!  I love learning about this stuff and trying to get smarter, even if it doesn't happen right away.

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