Does your boyfriend or husband have a super hero toy collection that you can't stand and want to throw away?  You're not alone.

There are many things that guys love and women want to toss.  

I quit dating a guy one time because his super hero collection was so enormous, and I pictured our future with that thing taking over a wing of the house.  He was cute, but he wore nothing but Batman shirts and played with his figurines after work.

A new survey says these are the top things that guys have that women want to dispose of.

1. A magazine collection.

2. And old hobby or toy collection.

3. Clothes.

4. CDs and DVDs.

5. A couch.

6. Sports memorabilia.

7. An ugly painting.

8. A chair.

9. Stereo system.

10. Sports equipment.

That beat-up old couch that he used to have as a bachelor and smells like beer now has to go, right?  And that favorite chair of his that clashes with current furniture just doesn't fit.  Maybe us gals should get together and organize a giant garage sale complete with old Hawaiian shirts, stereo equipment that no longer works, and ugly paintings of half-naked women.  Ya wanna?

We'll fell sorry for the next wife or girlfriend that has to deal with it, but at least it will be off our hands.  What would you add to the list?  Let us know on Facebook.