Andrew Flinders Taylor is attempting something that no one else we know has ever done before.  He's eating nothing but potatoes this year, and so far he's lost 22 pounds.  

He says 99 percent of his calories are coming from spuds, but he's varying up the presentation with seasoning and toppings, and sometimes he makes them into pancakes.  It may be varied, but it's all potatoes all the time for this guy, during his "spud fit challenge."  He's from Australia, and Idaho loves him.

Of course, nutritionists say it's not the brightest idea to get all of one's calories from one food, because we need so many different vitamins and no one food has all of them.  Hopefully Andrew is chasing those spuds with a Centrum.

This just happens to be Potato Lovers Month, and the Idaho Potato Commission has contests going on for retailers.

Maybe we should invite Andrew to ride around in that spud mobile on the Famous Idaho Potato Tour, huh?  He's an Idaho mascot waiting to happen.


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