Ah, snakes. Medusa's hair is made of them. They represent evil in The Bible. Kim Kardashian called Taylor Swift one, which inspired Tay to pen her wildly successful Reputation album. They make for intimidating tattoos on rough bikers. Jafar turned into a giant one when goaded by Aladdin in the final action sequence of the film. And Idaho is home to several of them, including these rare types: Desert Nightsnake, Western Groundsnake, Long-Nosed Snake, and Ring-Necked Snake.

If you suffer from Ophidiophobia, this isn't wonderful news. Stumbling across your biggest fear slithering along the grass is hardly a pleasant thought. Even if you aren't scared of snakes on that level, it's hard not to worry about a snake using its venom to take you out if it has the chance. Odds are if you come across a snake your first instinct isn't to get close to it and take a picture. But that's what nature site, iNaturalist, is hoping Idahoans will do when they come across the rare snakes of Idaho.

For survey purposes they are asking you to submit an observation along with a photo of your rare snake sighting. The good news is that none of these snakes are poisonous. Well, the Ring-Necked Snake is ever so slightly venomous and poses virtually no threat at all to humans. So if you have seen any of these, but you didn't submit it to IdahoRareSnakes@gmail.com, know that they probably hate you. Just kidding. But now you know for next time.

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