I remember A LOT of my dreams even from when I was a little girl. One dream that I know I will never forgot and that I can still vividly remember to this day involved a ghostly apparition.

In my dream, I walked into my neighbors house (that I had never been in in real life) and actually noticed more than one ghost walking around. Most vividly, I remember seeing a carrousel in the middle of the living room. Riding around on it was a ghostly woman wearing a long dress from the early 1900s. She was glowing like a ghost and had a scary old face. I felt her dead eyes starring into my soul every time she went around. It really was like a scene of out of horror film. I woke up so frightened and could not get that image out of my sight and I was only just a little girl.

Dreams in general are already difficult enough for scientist to try explain and make full sense of.  At the very least dreams are basically stories and images that our subconscious creates while we sleep, according to WebMD. Yet there is so much mystery and mystique about why we dream what we dream.

Dream experts like Theresa Cheung, believe that dreaming about ghosts can sometimes refer to unfinished business that "haunts" you while you sleep. However if your ghost dream is more vivid and intense than usual, it can actually be something more way more real and potentially paranormal.

Is it possible that real spirits can visit us during a dream? Some psychics believe so. They believe the spirts can visit us in our sleep to either deliver messages, warnings, or just to make contact. Renée Watt, professional psychic and host of the The Glitter Cast says we may be more receptive to a spirit while in a dream state rather than when we are awake.

While some people experience "visitation dreams" about loved ones who have passed, Watt also says that "dreaming about a ghost that you’ve never met in real life could be an indication that there is a spirit in your home." At this point, I'm convinced there was definitely a spirit in my home now - or my neighbors I guess.

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