I feel like we might be in a wonderful, but somewhat frustrating place in Idaho right now. Boise out to Meridian, Kuna, Eagle, and Nampa are booming. Exciting.

The word is out and now the population soars. This explodes the housing market and just like that, Idaho is changing. People are moving to the City of Trees for exactly that, simplicity.

Celebrities In Idaho

There is no doubt that our sweet Boise, Idaho is no secret anymore. You can blame it on Sun Valley, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Aaron Paul, Sarah Palin, or the Boise State Broncos. People love visiting and the Happy Days star from back in the day reminds us, Idaho is great.

Henry Winkler Loves to Fish In Idaho

Henry Winkler played the softy, bad boy, in the classic Happy Days show. Winkler has played in several movies and shows over the years. Why is this so cool? I'm not sure if it's just because you have Hollywood and we have Idaho. There is just something about someone from the big city that comes to our place with joy. Henry just caught a fish and look at his happiness.

This was from Friday. Look at the happiness. No wifi, emails or phone calls. It's just Idaho.

I'm not sure why it's so cool because we all just live a drive from our outdoor happiness. It might just be a reminder of how lucky we might forget all of us are.

The famous teen idol on Happy Days has been a long-time Idaho fisherman.

Winkler must love to spend Father's Day Weekend in Idaho if you look back into this Twitter feeds.

Who is Henry Winkler? He is the most silent superstar you might ever meet. Your mom had a crush on him and he is in your children's favorite movies as a voiceover. This New York man that loves Idaho with a big smile has a soft spot for kids. This ABC News story below will take you from Happy Days to Adam Sandler, Arrested Development, and possibly to tears. He just wants kids to know they can be whatever they want in life.

A good man living his best life and some special moments in our Idaho life.

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