September 22nd, 2009 I asked my Timmy Tumbo to be my boyfriend...again. When we first dated we were in party mode to the fullest. Going out and drinking with friends every night and taking each other for granted. Eventually when it was apparent we weren't prioritizing one another, we split. But seeing each other at social events because same friends plus reading Twighlight making me feel a way, I made the move and we got back together.

11 years later it's crazy to look back on the life we've lead together. To quote Maroon 5, "It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along." Even with an abundance of love, there are compromises to be made when growing with your  partner. And I think we've navigated that in a way that makes us appreciate each other more.

Today we had to compromise going for a fancy dinner and drinks and settle for delivery. We have the kiddos and aren't trying to bring them out for anniversary time. Those kids are demons sometimes. But Tim, the lowkey romantic, plated our food from the delivery containers and poured us glasses of wine without me knowing. Such a cutie.

Seriously, though, to be with me for 11 years is impressive. I am a hyper emotional, temperamental, lazy, insecure, know-it-all who pretends she's easy going but flips out with any small change of plan. I'm not saying Tim always handles this well, but he hasn't run for the hills yet. I would have broken up with me ages ago if I weren't so pretty and funny *wink*. I couldn't be more grateful. Cheers to eleven more years and then some.

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