Do you snuggle up with your sweetie at night, so close that you're in inch apart all night long?

Good for you!  You're among the happy couples then.  Eighty-six percent of couples that sleep really close to each other are happy in their relationships.

How in the world do you handle it?!

I'm single now, but back when I had a spouse we probably slept a foot apart.  We had that king-sized bed for a sleep in peace!  Maybe that's why I'm single now, because we slept to far away from each other. Hmmm.

Only sixty-six percent of couples who sleep far apart are in the "happy" category, according to a university study.  Most happy couples sleep close enough to touch all night long.  Are you happy, and how close do you sleep?

Don't the people who sleep super close get hot and have to roll over?  Or isn't one partner's ice-cold feet enough to send the other one to the other side of the bed?  That spooning thing is great for about five minutes, and then it's much more fun to snuggle up with a pillow I say.  But if you have the super-power that allows you to fall asleep while another person is touching and squeezing you, good for you!

By the way, the most common close-sleeping position is back-to-back.


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