I've heard far too many people say that Halloween is cancelled because Covid. Sure, kids trick-or-treating is seemingly out of the question. But is that so terrible? Walking around forever in the cold hoping you hit the right houses for the best candy can be quite the task with children. Then you have to check the candy while the kids are bugging you for it. And then you're too exhausted to get properly ready for adult Halloween when the kids go to bed.

Let's take care of the kid sitch first. Stock up on their favorite candy and make them personalized buckets. Dress them up in their costumes and have a little photo shoot while they hold their buckets.Have them stand safely distanced in front of decorated houses for pictures. Seriously, isn't it all about getting pictures? Done! Then set them up in the living room with their candy buckets and put on their favorite Halloween movie.

While they watch the movie, get ready in the fabulous costume I hope you're already working on 'cause it's all we have at this point. Last year I was a slow pitch softball player in a beer league. I'm going to kick it up a notch and be a mysterious wizard this year. I always cross-play on Halloween, usually painting on facial hair. This costume will require actual hair pieces and more intricate costuming.

As such, I started placing orders for the components to my costume last month so they arrive with ample time for adjustment. I highly suggest you do the same. Once you're all dressed up and the kids have fallen asleep because movie and candy coma, do your own photo shoot! Post all the pics on the Gram, and it's like you went out to flaunt your costume even though you didn't.

Then get wine drunk and fall asleep watching the Halloweentown trilogy (the 4th installment is trash, skip it). Wake up to all the comments and likes of the pics of your cutie littles and yourself. Now get to planning!


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