It's that time of year for grilling and trying out new things for outdoor cooking.

Grilling ribs is not easy and as a matter of fact, I have been told that it can easily be messed up. I ventured out of my bo yesterday and decided to try ribs, adding chicken wings to the grill in case I messed up the ribs. I did cheat a little and got the preseasoned fresh ribs. That is one of the tips though is to make sure they are seasoned and marinated.

I wrapped them in tinfoil, and let them cook for an hour. adding the wings and corn later of course. The Today Show did an article on rib tips and one of the things is choosing the right cut of meat. Check out the article for more do's and don'ts.

For my first time cooking ribs on the grill I am impressed, do have to say the preseasoned ribs were helpful.



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