While college, for most of us, is a time we loved, there are definite stressors.  Balancing homework and extra-curriculars, finding that next person to spend time with, and mostly, paying for it.

The State of Idaho has just made a move to, if not reduce, maintain the already established level as stress as all of Idaho's 4-year colleges have announced the intent to freeze in-state tuition for next school year.

The Presidents of Boise State University, Idaho State University, Lewis & Clark State College, and University of Idaho jointly announced that undergraduate tuition rates will be frozen at all four schools for the 2020/2021 school year.

That means that Boise State undergrads would again pay $4034 per semester as residents of Idaho next year.

All state agencies are facing the potential of a 1 percent cut for this fiscal year and a 2 percent cut starting next year, so the tuition freeze may be a surprise to some.  Especially when Idaho's public universities are 8th lowest in the nation for tuition cost already.

You can find more on this announcement and reactions from KIVI TV 6.

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