I have a confession to make.  I've never eaten a Peep in my life.  But they do look delicious, and I hear they are amazing in hot chocolate.  What else can you do with them?  And how many Peeps does it take to make a replica of Katy Perry's left shark?

Peeps are great to dress up in chocolate, and Kitchen Daily says you can paint on the chocolate in a way that makes it look like the bunnies and chicks are wearing tuxedos.  It's a fancy chocolate-covered marshmallow.

Other ideas:

Melt them with a Hershey bar between two graham crackers, and you have a Peep S'more.  The Peeps melt and lose their shape, but if you can get past the fact that you're eating a dead Peep it sounds kinda good!

Cut a slit in the bottom of the Peep and use it as a wedge on the side of your favorite cocktail glass.   Now you're talkin'.

Kabob the Peep with fruit, and you have a sweet surprise to go with the watermelon and grapes.

Toss a few Peeps into white cake batter and you'll end up with colorful confetti running throughout.

And shove a Peep into the top of a wine bottle once you take the cork out.  It becomes a handy kitchen tool that might be a great pairing with some Merlot.

Oh, and how many Peeps does it take to create a replica of Katy Perry's left shark?  That would be 532.  A 13-year old girl who created the Peep Shark was very diligent about placing all those turquoise and white marshmallows into the form of a shark and Time Magazine got wind of it and posted it.  Cute!  It's even on display in Maryland through April 6th.  Peeps have a shelf life after all.


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