I talked about this story this morning during my "What's Trending" segment on The Mix Morning Show. I wanted to share it again online, because I think it's such a great local story showing how awesome it is when young kids and teens find ways to help our community.

Three local seniors at Timberline High School are trying to make feminine hygiene products more available to women who can't afford them.

The girls were shocked to find out women can't use food stamps to buy tampons and pads! Who knew?!

Food stamps don’t cover other hygiene products too, like toilet paper, tooth paste and diapers. But at least those types of donations are more commonly dropped off at donation sites. For some reason, feminine hygiene is forgotten. Those things aren't cheap either, so for a lot of women, it's choosing to eat over feminine hygiene products.

The Girls came up with a Menstruation Station. Clever, right?! It started at school and the idea just grew into something bigger.

There is a donation box at the LunchboxWax salon in Downtown Boise. You can donate items or find out how you can start a station yourself. Get more information just by stopping by!

Keep those wonderful ideas coming kids, you're making a difference in people's lives!

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