First things first, we wholeheartedly back the Blue and appreciate Idaho law enforcement. That said, getting pulled over can be stressful for civilians and cops alike. And whether you like it or not, sometimes attitude can be the deciding factor between a simple warning and a night spent in jail.

While some argue that the attitude a cops leads warrants a reciprocal response, we firmly disagree.

Getting Pulled Over in Idaho

Consider the rare scenario where you've been pulled over by Officer Grumpy Mc'Grumper. This person embodies the epitome of a stereotypically-unpleasant cop. In response, you decide to express your discontent with a one-finger salute. What then?

In a situation like this, Idaho defers to the supreme law of the land, the United States Constitution. While it's true the first Amendment protects a citizen's right to free speech and self-expression, it doesn't guarantee immunity from arrest.

How do Idaho cops define disorderly conduct during traffic stops?

According to FindLaw, the concept of "disorderly conduct" provides law enforcement with broad framework for determining what constitutes disorderly behavior.

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If your gesture or expression of discontent implies an intent to disrupt the peace or resist arrest, Idaho law enforcement have the authority to arrest you under the umbrella of disorderly conduct.

It's legal (and stupid) to flip-off an Idaho cop. 

In essence, sure it's legally permissible to flip an Idaho cop the bird, but it's also an incredibly stupid thing to do.

If you're pulled over in Idaho, we'd encourage you to exercise common sense and respect the men and women who uphold the Rule of Law in our state.

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