The Boise Public Library is a great resource year round, and there's a big push going on right now to sign up for a freebie that will benefit you for the next several months.

A library card is a ticket to check out books and make digital downloads happen, and this is a great time to sign up for one.  My girls and I are at the library once a week looking for new reads, and the library card makes them feel kinda cool and independent.  Eight-year-olds are too young for a driver's license, so this little ID is the next best thing and makes them feel like they've arrived.  Go with it parents, go with it.


September is Library Card Sign-up Month, and the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country are teaming up with the superhero family from the Incredibles 2 movie to have some fun with the process.  As the ALA puts it, "Signing up for a library card is a great step toward a truly super lifestyle."  The dad in the movie (Bob) could have used the library while he was stressing about all of the day-to-day things on his plate and keeping the kids entertained.  Go get the kids a book!

It's free to sign up for a library card at the Boise Public Library, but you've got to show a valid ID, and parents have to sign the kids up for a card if they're under the age of 18.  You can sign up online too.

There's not much left in life that's free, so don't miss this chance to get a whole lot of free access at the library.  Maybe there's a classic novel you've always wanted to read but never took the time, or maybe you just need a quiet place to get some business done online in the computer lab.  September is a good month to grab a library card and start making it happen.

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