Wanna get paid to travel around the country in August for two weeks and eat barbecue? What a great job for a foodie.

If you're the Chief Grilling Officer at Reynolds Wrap, you'll be trusted to travel around America eating a lot of ribs, and you'll earn a quick $10,000.  The company says travel and lodging costs are paid for, so the only thing you'll need money for is a souvenir t-shirt, and maybe a Tums.

If you're hired, Reynolds Wrap says they'll send you to some of the "top BBQ rib cities in the country."  If we're not on the list in Boise, Eagle, Meridian, and in your back yard in Nampa, I'm guessing the itinerary will include places like Kansas City, Memphis, and Charleston, South Carolina.  But we'll see.

If you get the gig, you'll have to share photos, techniques that you learn about on the road, and some grilling tips on the Reynolds Kitchen website.  No biggie, right?  Eat, post, and make us all a little envious that you're making ten grand in two weeks for eating ribs.

The job posting says you'll have to provide a photo of you grilling and write 100 words about why you're qualified for the position.  Applications are being accepted through Wednesday, June 19 at 12 AM CT.

We'll be watching to see if you get the gig.

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