Women's History Month just ended, but I'm all about celebrating the ladies all year long. Especially now that the weather is behaving, I'm looking for all the ways to have fun with my girlfriends. It's been a tough entire year and any respite from the stress of life is welcome. Cue the Girls Day Out Expo hitting Expo Idaho on May 15th.

Nothing against men. Totally love them. The world needs them (almost) as much as it needs women. But sometimes we just need a day to focus on ourselves, away from the male gaze. Starting at 10am women will have 6 hours to make their way through over 75 exhibits. That sounds daunting, actually. But there will probably a good amount you'll skip right over. But it's nice to have the option.

According to the website you can shop through the following categories:
handcrafted jewelry
sweet and savory treats
home decor
beauty products and services
All of which are provided by local Treasure Valley businesses. I firmly believe in shopping local, so it's awesome to have so many in one place.

Admission is free (heeeeeeyyyy!), but you need to register to attend. It you're willing to spend $25 your upgraded ticket will get you a custom gift bag, a drink ticket, the ability to skip lines, and a door prize entry. In my experience you can skip paying for the upgrade and still have an excellent time. Unless you really want a shot at that door prize, then go for it. But I suggest saving your coins for goodies and alcohol. Hope to see you there!

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