Something about sunshine and a delicious cold beer go perfect together and with the nice weather we have been experiencing here in the Treasure Valley, it made me want to check out the breweries close to my house in Nampa. The first one that popped up for me online was The Crescent Brewery, and the beer menu online looked great so I had to go check it out.

While looking it up online I saw multiple reviews saying that it was 'under a bridge' and that is correct. The actual physical address is 1521 Front Street in Nampa but it's more commonly known for being under the 16th Avenue bridge almost in the heart of downtown Nampa.

On a Friday evening The Crescent wasn't too busy, but both the staff and patrons we're all very nice and welcoming to anyone who walked through the door. While not ever beer that was on their website was available (due to seasonal beers), the beer I had was really good.

Beers and Popcorn

I tried the Stutz 'Amber' beer while my wife Savannah had the 'Oatmeal Stout'. Both beers had a lot of flavor and we could have easily sat there all night. There isn't a kitchen at The Crescent but you can order delivery from many restaurants downtown and they have menu's readily available. Or you can bring in food to the brewery if you want to do that. If you're looking for a fun comfortable brewery in Nampa I would recommend stopping into The Crescent Brewery.

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