Say the word Idaho to people outside the state and the first thing that usually comes to peoples mind is Potatoes. For many inside the state we have worked to let people know that it's not just potatoes. While we may try to run from our famous Idaho Potatoes in this case we can embrace it on a very large scale. Say the word New York City, and you think the hustle and bustle of a buzzing metropolitan area that constantly has new and exciting things happening. So when you mix the two, Idaho and New York you wouldn't normally think Idaho tops the billing instead of NYC. The famous Idaho Potato has arrived in the harbor in great fashion this week.  The Big Potato, the Idaho Potato Commission's 6-ton boheimith , is on a cross-country journey to state fairs and cities across the US.  Since New York is the No. 1 purchaser of Idaho potatoes (according to the commission), it was only fitting to visit the Big Apple.

While it made it the shores of the Big City, how on Earth did that massive veggie get on that barge? Watch this video to see the process.

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