Free fun is a breath of fresh air when you're a parent.

For Idaho parents, discovering free, wholesome activities for their kids during summer vacation feels like hitting the jackpot. With the cost of everything around us skyrocketing, these free opportunities are a delightful relief. It's lovely to know that there are still places where families can enjoy themselves without breaking the bank.

Free summer fun is even cooler when it's indoors!

These free activities are even more of a blessing when they're available indoors. Idaho summers can be scorching, and finding ways to keep the kids cool while they play is a win-win.

Parents love indoor venues for a few big reasons:

  • They provide a much-needed respite from the Idaho heat (and boredom😉)!
  • They help our youngest Idahoans stay comfortable and in motion.
  • Parents know their children are safe from dangerous heat-related issues like dehydration, sunburns, and heat stroke.

Every Idaho child deserves access to safe & free fun.

Parents know indoor activities are great because they ensure our little ones and big ones remain active, even on the hottest days. From community centers that offer free sports and games to local libraries that host story hours, crafts, and clubs, Idaho is an inclusive haven for safe play and free fun.

Idaho bowling alleys are offering free fun for local families.

Ultimately, free, wholesome indoor at nine Gem State bowling alleys is a fun and cool solution for local families all summer long. It keeps kids entertained, active, and safe, all while helping parents manage their budgets. It's also a reminder of how charitable and considerate Idaho businesses are. 

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