No matter the vacation destination, every Idahoan should know a region's laws before they get there. It can be as important as remembering your passport. But a lot of us might think, "I live in different could so-and-so really be?"

Still, laws can be black and white from state to state and country to country.

In Idaho, for example, you may be used to crossing the street wherever it feels safe. But try that in Germany, and you could be fined faster than you could say "Idaho potato."

Or think about tipping customs. Here in the Gem State, it's totally normal to tip at restaurants, salons, and hotels. It's a gesture of appreciation and considered poor manners not to. In Japan, on the other hand, your kindness could be misconstrued as rude or confusing, making the gesture a miss with the locals.

And let's not forget issues of public behavior! In Dubai, for instance, public displays of affection (PDA) can get residents and visitors slapped with stern warnings (or worse) from authorities. Meanwhile, in Idaho, PDA is cool, but fornication, not so much.

So, whether you're swapping Idaho potatoes for Boeuf Bourguignon in Paris or Lucky Peak for the Oregon Coast, reading up on local laws can be the difference between a memorable getaway or a stint in jail.

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