It's easy to catch a buzz when you're having fun.

We get it: nothing says "perfect day" like a great company, beautiful views, and a few ice-cold adult bevies. But those who imbibe know there's no excuse for getting carried away just because you're whooping it up on the waters of Lucky Peak with family and friends.

Boating Under the Influence is a crime in Idaho.

Like driving a car or truck, manning a boat while you're drunk or even slightly buzzed can land you with a DUI citation. But many people don't realize the laws for drinking and operating a vehicle apply to boats. BUIs are taken very seriously in Gem State lakes and rivers.

Another thing, the effects of alcohol can be even more dramatic when you're out on the water. Sun, wind, waves, and so many other elements can amplify alcohol's effect on you, and the consequences can be severe.

BUIs don't just put you at risk for a hefty fine or even jail time; they also threaten your life and the lives of everyone aboard the vessel. BUIs and DUIs are one and the same: both can lead to seriously impaired judgment and deadly accidents.

Float & Boat Responsibly: designate a sober skipper!

Just as you would designate a DD behind the wheel of a car, designate an SS (a sober skipper)! Even then, it's important to pace your drinking, stay hydrated, and snack throughout your time on the water. At the end of the day, keeping a clear head keeps everyone safe.

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