It's not often the Ada County Sheriff's Office comes out and describes a crash as DEVASTATING.  These guys have seen it all and for the most part, when it comes to these tragic accidents, the authorities just report the facts.  This crash was so brutal you can't help but put some emotion into what actually happened.

According to KTVB, the collision between a Ford F-250 driving eastbound and a Nissan Titan, hauling a trailer, heading westbound on Cherry Lane just west of Black Cat Road that took place Friday night (02-08-19) at approximately 7:30 p.m. was one of the worst collisions seen this year in the state of Idaho.

At this point, we have no idea who wandered into the path of the other.  Investigators are doing their job, looking for answers they can release to the families and the public as soon as possible.

This crash was a full-blown head-on crash that completely totaled both vehicles and ended with only one survivor out of five people involved.  That survivor's name has not been released as of yet.  We know it's a male and he was immediately transported to the hospital where we have no idea, at this time, what condition he's in.

We know that the driver of the Ford F-250 died immediately on impact and three of the four men in the Nissan Titan died at the scene of the accident.  West Cherry Lane was blocked off for hours but is completely open now.

With so many lives lost, you can imagine the trickle effect as to how many family members, friends, and loved ones have had their lives flipped upside down because of this crash.  There are no words to comfort.  We can only pray and keep these people in our thoughts as they mourn.  God bless.

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