Enjoy your Saturday because it's about to get real WET again come Sunday and this storm's sticking around for a while.  We've had a few showers this morning which are pretty much gone now.  Tomorrow's going to be crazy windy but pretty dry for the most part.  Sunday is when we get it again.

According to Treasure Valley Weather HQ, this weekend's rain is a bit concerning because it's possible it'll be HEAVY rain which will cause rapid snowmelt which means rivers and creeks will rise and flooding could be an issue.  The main area of flooding possibilities right now are in the Boise / West Central Mountains but don't worry, we'll have plenty of rain right here in the Treasure Valley.

This is the time of year that rain affects your child's sporting events.  Soccer fields often close down when getting too wet because the cleats tear up the grass too easily.  Baseball games usually cancel when the pitching diamond is a mud mound so make sure to plan accordingly and be prepared.  You may have the kids indoors a little more than expected this next week.

For more specific and detailed weather information please check out Treasure Valley Weather HQ below.

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