You throw out Boise State Broncos in the same sentence as Dallas Cowboys and that could mean anything. I can see it now, "What? Is Kellen Moore coming back?" No! That rumor may never get old.

Idaho launches the "Click it or Tick it" campaign that could impact your account balance if you're not paying attention. More importantly, could save your life, and one former Boise State Bronco, Leighton Vander Esch is leading the way.

The Dallas Cowboy is part of the "Buckle Up, Idaho" campaign. This weekend it's all about buckling up unless you want a citation because Idaho police officers are looking for you. These are those weekends you don't want to forget. This is statewide enforcement on all roads the weekend prior to Memorial Day Weekend. You always want to wear your seatbelt because it's the law and it's just safe. It seems like whenever there is a special initiative you are more likely to get pulled over without a warning. If you get pulled over without a seatbelt, get ready to pay. The story on Monday will be all the tickets for not wearing seatbelts over the weekend. It happens every year.

KTVB is reporting that almost 60 other agencies across Idaho will also play a part in the "Click it or Tick it" campaign this weekend.

We never forget to strap and buckle up our own children because it's that important. Law enforcement will be pulling everyone over this weekend to prove a point and save lives. Nobody thinks they will get into an accident.

Buckle up Idaho.


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