Jay Ajayi had an awesome season last year with the Miami Dolphins, and we're excited to see what great things come his way this season.  But so far, it's not getting off to a great start.  

Ajayi left the Dolphins practice Monday with a concussion, and with the NFL safety protocols in place, it's possible that Jay won't be back on the field for several weeks.

There are tons of health hurdles to clear before a player diagnosed with a concussion can get tackled again, and that means Ajayi will be held out of several practices and maybe some preseason games too.  Even after Ajayi is cleared to come back, he probably won't have the same work load for awhile.

After all of the attention given lately to the dangers of concussions, we certainly don't want our friend Jay to come back to soon and jeopardize his long-term health.  We understand.  But dang it, I love him and he's fun to watch and he even makes the football snacks taste better at Sunday watching parties.  Hopefully he's back in September for the first regular season game against the Buccaneers, if he doesn't hit the field before that.

The Dolphins kick off their season next Thursday, August 10th, against the Atlanta Falcons, and we'll watch for Jay Ajayi at the game, on the sidelines or on the field.  Some of us are turning into fair weather Dophin fans because of him.

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