After a couple summers with intense wildfires, government officials are looking for ways to reduce risk.  Idaho and the Forest Service have come up with agreements to do just that.

The ten agreements between the U.S. Forest Service and our state will focus on logging and restoration projects on federal land.  Officials say this will help create jobs and help to reduce the impact and severity of wildfires.

The deals will allow Idaho foresters to sell timber from around 10,000 acres that the Forest Service had already earmarked to be logged, but hasn't been able to complete since resources and funding have been redirected to fighting wildfires.  Those costs have already exceeded $2 billion, which is over half of the annual budget.

In this plan the State will have a chance to make money, the Forest Service will, and it will drive employment for forestry work.  This type of partnership is being explored in other Western States, but Idaho is leading the way.

You can check out more on the program and plans at

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