It takes special kind of idiots to not once, not twice, but three times interfere with fire crews who are doing their best to save lives, buildings and land from being burned to the ground by flying their drones into flight paths of helicopters and airplanes that are trying to drop water and fire retardant on the fire. It happened again this past weekend,

even though people have been warned two other times to stop flying drones into the fire area, firefighters this past weekend had to abandon fire lines as drones once again interfered with aircraft operations.

Fire officials grounded aircraft for 45 minutes following a drone sighting, the third recorded so far. How many warnings do you idiotic drone operators have to receive before you stop being so stupid. Do you not realize that you are endangering lives?  Does someone have to die and you be charged and sent to prison before you stop being so stupid?

About 1,200 firefighters are battling the blaze burning about 8 miles north of Idaho City.  Highway 21 is closed from 6 miles north of Idaho City to south of Lowman. There’s an extensive closure of the Boise National Forest as well.


One more time…and I am yelling here…KEEP YOUR STUPID ASS DRONES AWAY FROM FOREST FIRES!!!!!!!!!